Preparing for your family photography session

Pre-shoot Guide

Thank you for booking your session! I am so looking forward to our time together.

I created this guide to help you prepare for your shoot. What you will read is based on my experience working with many wonderful families. This session is your time to enjoy, be yourselves, feel connected, so please remember that these are just guidelines to bear in mind - there are no rules!

I am so pleased that this guide has been useful to my clients and I hope you also find it helpful!

About your session

Photography sessions are fun, relaxed and joyful! It is an honour to capture your personalities and individuality, and the relationships between you. For many of the photos I will direct you in a really natural way so you feel confident and at-ease, whilst capturing the special, real moments between you.

Things to Consider

Colour scheme

I recommend that you establish a main colour scheme for your session as early as possible so that everybody has time to prepare. E.g. blues & greens, blues & purples, oranges & reds etc, and let everyone have their own take on that. Aim to wear colours that compliment you, and that will work well when you're all together.

Consider the location we will be using, and how the clothes will look in that environment.

Think about where you might use the images. If you are looking to have printed photographs from the session around your home, consider which room you'd be likely to place the photo, the colours of that space, and what colour scheme in the photos would tie in well.

What to Wear

What do you have in your wardrobe right now that makes you feel great when you put it on? Choose to wear an outfit that makes you feel good! This is your time, so wear something you love.

I suggest a smart/casual look for the shoot, or a style that feels appropriate for your family, the way you'll want to use the photos, and goes with the feel of the location we will be using.

Keep in mind that the way your clothes appear when you look in a mirror and the way they look in a photo can sometimes be a little different. I would avoid outfits that are very loose or billowy around the waist as they might look fantastic in real life but can be less flattering in photographs. Something more fitted around the waist will look great! Please let your teens wear what they want. It's important that they are comfortable and feel like themselves. It can be a huge achievement to have them take part in the shoot, so allow your young ones to express themselves as who they are right now.

Patterns and Accessories

Patterns can add great personality or movement to an image, but in a photograph can sometimes be distracting. Try the item on in the mirror so that you can decide whether you're honestly more drawn your face or the pattern.

Please avoid wearing clothes with bold logos or branding. I would also avoid wearing clothes that have fine lines as they can create an optical illusion in photographs known as the moire effect.

I recommend accessorising for your shoot. Jewellery adds a real 'completeness' to your look and communicates your personal style!


Makeup can sometimes appear different in a photo to how it looks in the mirror, and tends not to show up as well in photographs, so I recommend working with a trusted professional on this who is experienced in make-up for photography.

If you are doing it yourself, go ahead and wear slightly more than usual, as that extra definition can make all the difference. I also recommend wearing lipstick – it really adds to to the 'liveliness' and presence of your portraits and helps you to stand out!


You may like to

  • Have your hair cut and styled by your hair stylist before the shoot. Know that you love how it looks and feels good to you!
  • Book in a manicure, tidy up facial hair etc. Whatever will make you feel most happy and confident!
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or very salty foods within a couple of days of the session.
  • Feel well rested and energised by getting a good nights sleep before your shoot, and drink plenty of water.

Things to remember on the day!

  • Gift yourself the time you need before your session to get ready and prepare in a way you would love, without feeling rushed, and time after the shoot too. It's so great to enjoy this session, get into a good state of mind, be present.
  • The most important thing is that everyone is feeling relaxed, so please don't worry if children are acting out, if there is traffic on your way to the shoot etc or any stressful situations on the morning of your shoot. Know that you don't have to rush, and that when we are together, we'll enter a great space and it will be fun! I usually start family sessions by engaging with and photographing the children in an informal way while their energy is high. We'll then move on to group photographs and portraits of the adults - I trust you to behave! :)
  • Bring a comb/hair brush, lipstick/powder and a compact mirror with you for top ups, and anything else you might need.
  • For children you may want to bring a spare change of clothes for just-in-case moments, extra tissues and wipes, favourite toys and snacks etc!

Becky Rui

This is your time to enjoy and have some fun as a family!

If you have any queries about anything for your shoot, or what I've mentioned in the document, email me at or call on 07846 351449.

I'm so looking forward to seeing you!