Radio Appearance on Marlow FM

Earlier this month I was invited to come in to Marlow FM to join Sarah Hunt on her late morning show with co-host Sue Ing-Simmons! It was a last minute thing and I was really excited to step up and come in for my radio debut! :) The theme of the show that week was 'The Outdoors', so on the day Sarah asked me to share a few tips with her listeners on how to get the most out of your shots when working outside.

In almost all of my work I use natural light, either working outdoors or with window light, so I had lots of insights and ideas to give from my experience, and we had a chat about lots of other things photography related in between.

Click the link below to hear the fab show, and my inappropriate choice of song request! ...I am defending my love of Hot Chip here - I just said to Sarah off air "play anything by Hot Chip" which may not have been totally appreciated by their listeners when 'Careful' came on! Oh god...)

Thanks so much to everyone who tweeted, texted and typed to us on Facebook, I was so grateful for your support after I mentioned that I was on Marlow FM on my twitter and Facebook page!

Click here to listen to the show!

Above - Sarah and myself taken by Sue.