Ooooh new business cards!

I got some new cards last week and am sooo excited to share them with you! I collect a lot of business cards when networking and I realise how valuable it is to have a good card that stands out for the right reasons. It's a total expression of your brand and the quality of your service.

I wanted mine to be really colourful, fun and engaging so am really pleased with these. When I share my card with people I wanna feel proud of it. I want to know that it's as good a representation of my approach to photography and my personality as you can get on a card.

The lovely colours really excite me and the quality in the detail of the prints really impressed me. I love the sweet little rounded corners and the smooth feel of them.

I ordered them online from moo. They came with a couple of black boxes to store them in as well which look really smart... Something that's really great is that you can have up to 50 different images featured at no additional cost!

By having so many different photographs on them makes them into a little portfolio!

I wanted to share these with you because it's such a cool idea for photographers, artists or anyone who wants to show the variety of their work, designs or creations.

I like that I have a choice about which card I give to which people... There are a mixture of lifestyle photographs, business portraits and still life images, so it's great to have a choice of which one to give depending on what that person might be most interested in.

Thank you moo I am soooo pleased with these!