Creative photo shoot!

At the end of July I did an awesome creative shoot with my friends Johnny Colbert and Jenna Nicholls.

Johnny studies Photography and Film at University and has started making films of photo shoots! We knew we had to work together with our skills in some way, so organised a shoot with Jenna, where we could bring our different talents and passions together. He was interning at Shoot Me Studios in Berkhamstead at the time, and the lovely Cynthia who is the main photographer there also came along to shoot and hang out!

Jenna has been doing promotional modelling for 5 years around the South East of England is currently with Models Direct and extrafactory. If you want to get in touch with her regarding modelling, email her at

So the week before our shoot, the amazing Brooke Shaden was featured on [FRAMED], where she was asked about her work, and viewers also got the chance to see a video of the process of how she takes her composite self portraits. You HAVE to watch this amazing interview and self portrait shoot with Brooke if you havent already! I've been following her work for a long time now and am always amazed by her consistently unique and often unsettling concepts and strong editing style.

I was really hoping to find out more about how she creates her magical levitation images that I have been so mesmerised by, but she didn't give that much away!

Just watching the video, I felt so inspired to see if I could do it. I've been wanting to try it out for sooooo long! It couldn't be that tricky?! I came up with a concept for a levitation image, and put the idea forward to my friends for our shoot...

Although we used a few different outfits on the day, the dress featured in these photos is a £1000 vintage, pure lace wedding dress that Jenna and Johnny spotted in their local Oxfam. We were able to hire it for just £20!!

Here are my two favourite photos from our time together... I'm so happy with them!

This is the texture I used over the images to give it a subtle grainy feel, I feel that this editing style is also partly inspired by Brookes work.

I was so glad that we set this shoot up and couldn't wait to get home and start playing around with the photos I took, and do something a bit different to usual, and was looking forward to seeing what Johnny would come up with from the footage he had taken. You can see his films from the day by clicking on the snapshots below!

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