Road trip to Devon

This weekend I had a bit of a road trip down to Devon with my mum and my sister, to visit one of my wonderful relatives Maureen Douglas-Green's photography exhibition and see my grandparents. Her exhibition was held at the Garden House, Buckland Monachorum... a charming old house with beautiful gardens in which all of the photographs on display were taken. Her colourful photographs of plants and flowers were truly stunning, and her love for this special place really came across in the images. You can check out her gorgeous variety of work at her website here.

As a portrait photographer, I think I sometimes forget just how important it is to keep taking photos of things other than people… I think in the back of my head I get paranoid about taking too many photos of random things, and then not doing anything with them, and end up storing them on hard drives and never look at them again…

But it's good to keep experimenting, finding new styles and ways of putting a composition together with 'still life' and nature photographs.

While we were away I decided to try and get some really nice shots of the world around me. It was so amazing to do this, and it really wasn't hard to find perfect things to photograph once I started looking!

The photos were taken on the Garden House grounds, Dartmoor, my grandparents garden, The Otter Sanctuary and the amazing Butterfly Farm in Buckfastleigh, Budleigh Salterton beach and Stonehenge on the long drive back.

Okay...... Quite a lot of these are photos of people but taking pictures of people is important to a portrait photographer too! And check out Maureens amazing hair below! How could I leave that out!? :)