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Lisa Pauley - Yoga & Wellness

This photo session was pivotal in my journey to sharing Yoga & Wellness beyond my four walls. The conversations we had throughout our time together were clarifying and empowering, and enabled me to step out of hiding and into my broader vision. Since then, my new Yoga Studio has grown and my classes are flourishing, undoubtedly out of the seeds watered on this shoot.

Rachel Miller - All Things IC


I chose to work with Becky after discovering her excellent images online while researching personal branding for my communication consultancy. Her audio file sealed the deal as hearing her advice and guidance cemented my gut feel that she was the right photographer for me. Planning calls and the day itself went incredibly smoothly. I felt nervous to be translating my ideas and personality into photographs, is a lot easier when I do it for clients! But I trusted Becky implicitly as she took the time to calm my fears, help me plan thoroughly and created an environment for us to work together on the day. Setting our intentions and choosing to enjoy it resulted in images I’m proud of.  Becky has captured the essence of my business and I’m proud to use them to showcase what working with me is like. Thank you very much Becky, I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who is serious about their work and looking to clearly communicate what their work is all about. // @AllthingsIC

Fiona Ciserella Becky Rui Personal Coach

Fiona Ciserella - Personal Coach

Working with Becky was a complete joy from start to finish. Even speaking over the phone I loved her calm, easy going manner and felt assured that she was very conscientious about her work. Prior to meeting, she scouted the city for the best locations and sent me emails with images so I could pick the ones I liked best.  Meeting her on the day of the shoot in Florence, she was just as natural, professional and easy to work with as I had imagined. As I can be like a deer in the headlights in front of a camera, I really appreciated Becky’s efforts to put me at my ease and her direction when it came to poses. Her photos have really made the difference to my website and give prospective clients a clear visual of who I am."

Bernadette Chapman - London Wedding Planner

I felt Becky understood me as a person and my brand, she really explored who I was and what I wanted to achieve from the shoot. I was excited about showcasing how I fit into my brand and the shoot was such fun, I felt like Becky was a missing little sister of mine - so easy to get on with, fun to work with and very good at giving directions on posing! I was very excited about the photos and number of them which were suitable to use in my business - I use them a lot in my social media, website, blog posts and had one of me and my dog enlarged onto a canvas in my office!

Read Bernadettes experience of her rebrand and the important part personal branding photography played right here!

Hannah Williams - The Girl on Money

Becky was really easy to talk to, and very positive and encouraging about my new business! In particular I found the conversations regarding branding really useful as it helped me to get clear on my personal brand. I was nervous at the thought of having my picture taken but I really enjoyed the shoot - I relaxed more and more and by the end was lapping it up! I was very impressed with the photos, especially how many there were, the majority I wouldn't hesitate to use. I have had great feed back on the photos and have recommended Becky to many other people. I'm using the photographs right across my brand on my website, social media, emails etc and am very happy with the investment I made in the shoot!
Ray Balko Money Mindset Coach Becky Rui Personal Branding Photography

Ray Balko - Money Mindset, Sales Conversation & Business Success for female Coaches

I discovered Becky through searching for a personal branding photographer on Google: She specialises in personal branding photoshoots for powerhouse female entrepreneurs. She made my decision to book with her very easy with her streamlined and warm-hearted process. In our first Skype call she asked me detailed questions about my brand (I discovered one or two things from that myself!). It was very easy working with Becky and her preparation made me feel very relaxed before the day. Becky also helped me choose the right locations that fit to my brand. The day itself was just delightful. Even though it was my first photoshoot working with Becky was so much fun, and she has this energy that makes you totally relaxed and the whole process enjoyable. And the result were over 200 amazing photos of which I can use almost each and everyone! She totally exceeded my expectations and I can absolutely recommend her!
Minnie Von Coach Personal Branding Photo Shoot Becky Rui Covent Garden

Minnie Von - Marketing Strategist and Coach

It was refreshing speaking with you and you to helped me get over my fear of having the pictures taken with the pre-shoot prep and coaching.The shoot was fab and fun!  I had quite a strong idea of how I wanted them to look and feel and when I saw the photographs I was so happy and excited. I have had no end of complements about my website and my photos. You were very good at directing me in how to move and are natural in listening and understanding people.

Chloe Brotheridge - Calmer You

Becky Rui Personal Branding Photography
Becky was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. From her lovely and thoughtful approach on the phone as we prepared for the shoot, to the day itself and our communications afterwards;  Becky was calming, inspiring and helpful throughout. I was thrilled with the shots we got and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

Emma Tynan - Abundant Spiritual Boss Babes

Barbara Cummings - Coach

Working with Becky was a delightful experience. I had been feeling a little down on myself for a number of reasons, including a weight gain. However, I also knew that I needed some new, up to date photos for my website, newsletter and business. Becky helped me feel comfortable in my body again. She also gently guided me toward the session and took care of the details. We had quite a lot of fun on the day of the photo shoot and I was amazed at the pictures that came from it. I felt attractive again and excited about putting myself out there.  Becky is sweet, competent, and talented. She's very good at what she does.

Akhtar Khan

Catie Harris NP Life Personal Branding USA Philadelphia Becky Rui Photography

Catie Harris - The NP Life

Catie Harris NP Life Personal Branding USA Philadelphia Becky Rui Photography
The process we went to leading up to the day of the shoot was very helpful, Becky made me feel so at ease. While I was nervous about the shoot I was excited to get it done and I can’t imagine how the day could’ve gone better. The photos have been instrumental and work very well.

Rosie Paterson - Health and Lifestyle Coach - Living Rosy

I was thrilled to work with inspiring Rosie Paterson on her Personal Branding Photography in London. Check out what she had to say about her experience in the video to the left!

Kendall Ritz Coach - Coach - Photo Shoot in Paris

"Working with Becky Rui for my very first professional photo-shoot was an all-over amazing experience.  Becky has such a warm and kind personality, I immediately felt at ease with her.  The information she sent me leading up to the shoot was extremely helpful in preparing, and I felt completely taken care of by her in picking the locations for the shoot (in Paris!!!) as well as her help in arranging an amazing hair and makeup artist for the day of the shoot.  I never could have done all of this without Becky's expertise and connections - she made it so easy for me to make some simple choices and the rest of it was basically all taken care of!  During the shoot itself, Becky was so supportive and made me feel totally at ease.  I felt like a celebrity - it was so much fun!  The images I received from the shoot were amazing, and I'm so excited to use them in basically giving my business and marketing a total makeover.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to Becky for this gift of such a wonderful experience, with such fantastic results that will be of huge value to marketing my business for a long time to come. THANK YOU Becky!!!"
Jessica Dorneiden Personal Branding Photography London Becky Rui

Jessica Dornieden - Executive Tech VA Support

I enjoyed the whole day, and I love having nice pics of myself to use on my site, they fit in with what I wanted to show. I really enjoyed the initial call and felt like you were taking the time to really get to know me and what I do. I was excited about having pictures to use that are better than iPhone snaps! I have been using them in my newsletters and on my site, and I love having images that are of me and my stuff as opposed to boring stock images. I do think it helps people to really see the person they're buying from.

Sylvia Baldock - BIZ Coach & Mentor, Author, Speaker

Becky asks all the right questions to get to the real purpose of the photo shoot and then sets the scene to get the desired effect. She is incredibly professional and her infectious enthusiasm makes the whole experience a delight from start to finish.  I am absolutely thrilled with the results and highly recommend Becky to capture the absolute essence of her subject.

Anna Chainska - Life and Success Coach - Miami Photo Shoot

Take a look at the video testimonial Anna kindly made after our shoot on the left!




Minesh Bhindi - Gold And Silver For Life

If you want photographs that convey the level of truth, honesty and experience that it requires to have your clients trust and invest thousands of pounds in you, I wholeheartedly recommend Becky.  Her professional approach, flexibility and unrivaled ability to "see" the right angle and capture the right moment will do wonders for anyone. Remember, it's in the moments that move our hearts that people are inspired to work with you.  Becky just has a magic ability to press that snap button right when that moment is happening so that it's captured for a lifetime. I love her work.

Kate Gerry - Speaker, Coach and Business Mentor

"Working with Becky was a dream. Right from the first conversation we had, I really felt she 'got' me and my business. The questions she asked were so insightful. In fact, straight after our first conversation I felt completely inspired to write a whole new series of workshops!

The whole process helped me get so much clearer on my brand, and I am thrilled with my new photos. If you are thinking about getting a photoshoot done, and you are looking for images that really capture the heart and essence of you and your business, I highly recommend booking a call with Becky. You'll be glad you did!"

Debbie Sakal

"Becky is truly creative and really knows her business. She put me at my ease expertly and quickly and the photo shoot was fun. The photographs she produced for me are exactly what I need and she delivered them to me in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend Becky to all my colleagues and friends. In fact, I have used her twice now. Thank you Becky.

Janine Wood

"I would highly recommend Becky for any occasion you have coming up in the near future she really is a gifted photographer. I usually hate having my picture taken but Becky made it great fun and the results were so amazing I couldn’t limit it to the 5 pictures I originally commissioned and paid for an extra 2! Thanks again Becky you really are so talented and make having your picture taken a really transformational experience."

Alison Schewitz

"After having seen some of Becky's STUNNING photos on Facebook, I knew instantly that she was the photographer for me!  There was something very different about Becky's photographs - they were both natural and relaxed whilst at the same time capturing the true beauty of the subject.  From our first telephone conversation to the end of this time working together, Becky was a true professional.  Becky understands that not everybody is comfortable in front of the camera and she so knows how to make you feel at ease.  Whilst chatting, laughing and having a good time she manages to capture pictures that are natural, fun and unposed - and that was EXACTLY what I wanted! Becky's photos speak volumes.

In Becky I found everything I was looking for - someone who .... creates great pictures, is a delight to work with, knows her stuff and most importantly gets you noticed!"

Katy Dyer

"Becky is fantastic to work with, she puts you at ease from the outset with her friendly communication style.

Becky took time to research and discover my business needs and expected outcomes. This resulted in portrait and product shots that are perfectly suited to my business and capturing my brand, exceeding my expectations. Becky also had some great ideas for locations for portrait and studio shots.

The new and current photos have certainly contributed to increased traffic and time spent on my website. I would wholeheartedly recommend Becky for product and portrait photography."

Jaspal Boyce

"Becky Rui is a great photographer and a joy to work with. In order to present the correct image to perspective clients and employers, a professional profile photograph was needed. Being very camera shy, I was worried about the shoot and how the pictures would turn out. All of that changed on the day, as Becky makes you feel very at ease and comfortable and the final photographs were perfect. I even bought additional ones paying the extra as I could not chose just 2. I would definitely recommend Becky."

Lizzie Martin

"Becky Rui is a photographer that I can highly recommend. Her latest blog is about the photo shoot of me. I usually hate having my photo taken because I always feel such a twit and rarely like the results. With Becky all that changed. It was such a fun session. Becky makes you feel so relaxed and good about yourself. I was very pleased with the results. A very worthwhile investment!"

Jackie Miller

"Becky is highly professional and empathetic in her approach – wanting to understand more about my business, and me, in order to ensure that she was able to give me the pictures I needed. I had been spurred on to overcome my usual reluctance to be on the wrong side of a camera (!) by needing photos for my new website. She was reassuring throughout and the results of Becky’s work speak for themselves. Becky has produced great results for me – she is also a lovely person to work with – all else I can say is a big “Thank you!”

Ruth Durbin

"I hired Becky on the recommendation of a colleague. It was a completely justified recommendation. Even within her preparatory correspondence, Becky came across as knowledgeable, thorough and very likeable. She conducted considerable research to select good locations after ascertaining from me what I was hoping to achieve with the images.

She arrived promptly and well-prepared for our day of filming. She had the order of the day well-planned. Because I am inexperienced in this area, I felt very confident to follow Becky’s lead and benefit from her experience.

It was a most enjoyable day. Becky was so relaxed and easy to get on with. I felt that she would be capable of dealing with any unexpected difficulties or changes to the schedule. She had a wealth of ideas for achieving a varied range of shots from which I would make my choice. I was delighted with draft photographs that she sent promptly for me to have time to make my choices. I was even more delighted with the finished shots. They are really lovely and have a very natural feel.

When I show the images to others, their response is always, ‘Wow! Who’s the photographer?’ I highly recommend Becky. She has a great talent and she is a lovely young lady. I will definitely be using her again in the future."

Helen Elizabeth Evans

"Becky took some profile shots for me to use personally and in my business. She was lovely to work with and took extra time on the day making me feel very comfortable and at ease. The shots are lovely and I struggled to choose my favourites out of the many choices she gave me.If you’re looking for lovely, flattering natural shots that bring out the best in you then she’s your gal!"

Juliette Noske

"Wow, what can I say about our photoshoot!!! It was an amazing experience. We were immediately put at ease by Becky’s warm, kind personality. It was really useful that the three of us met up for a coffee beforehand to get clear on our intention for the shoot.

Becky kept the session fun and was constantly able to help us re-focus ourselves on the outcome we wanted to achieve. We are very happy with the end product and the evidence is all in the photographs that were created."

Sarah Fletcher - Mushroom Souffle

"Becky has taken two sets of business shots for me this year which I am extremely happy with. She is open to new concepts regardless of how mad they may seem and understands immediately what result you want and the image you wish to portray.

Becky also did “fly on the wall” photography at my client’s 40th birthday. She did a marvelous job interacting with guests at the party, both adult and children and the photos were fabulous.

Professional and very calm and friendly, Becky puts everyone at ease with the camera therefore providing you with a large number of wonderful photos to choose from."

Cath Friend, Emerald Frames – November 2011

"I hired Becky to take some shots of me for my business this year, following several word-of-mouth recommendations of her work. I had delayed getting this done, as I’m not keen on having my photo taken.

Becky was lovely and made me feel really relaxed and I actually enjoyed the shoot!! I had an idea of the kind of feel I wanted to achieve, which Becky understood and executed perfectly. On receipt of the images, I was very pleased with the results, and would highly recommended Becky as a great photographer."

Monica Curtis – October 2011

"Becky did a fantastic job and produced a wide range of photos. She made me feel totally relaxed and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Many thanks."

Valentina Keller

"Becky did some great photos for me – and I hate having my photo taken, so this is no small feat. The photos were for my training business ( and I was really nervous beforehand, but she put me at ease and I really enjoyed the session.

I’ve had very good feedback from people on the photos I eventually chose to use. I am very happy to recommend Becky."

Allison Marlowe

"Becky, you have captured the precise image I was hoping for. I am so excited to be able to get this out there on my new website! I felt very relaxed having my pictures taken with you and loved the way in which you asked about my business so you could create the right ambience.

You are a very talented photographer and I will be shouting about you to all my business colleagues."

Caroline Ashlee - Forever Living Products

"I engaged Becky’s to take some new business head shots for my website. Like many people, I’m not keen on having my photo taken however Becky’s approach put me at ease straight away.

She also planned a great venue for the session and I’m really pleased with the results. I would highly recommend Becky, she a lovely person and a great photographer."

Lizzie Whyte - Red Shoots

"Becky is a superb photographer, explaining to me the costs and layout of the session before we started, meeting my objectives, understanding what I was looking for and creating her own ideas to compliment mine. Becky coped really well with our constant ideas of doing something new and creative and the outcome of the photos was truly excellent!

I was very happy with Beckys work and I would hire her again any time and recommend her to anyone and everyone!!!"

Margaret Adams, The Adams Consultancy Ltd

"Becky Rui is an excellent photographer. When we worked together she took great care with the settings, the angles and the lighting. She made sure she got the technical aspects right. More than that she helped to create the right mood for a business photography session. That helped to make the session a success.

I recommend Becky, not just because she takes fine photographs. She is also really skilled at working out what her clients want from their photography session, and then calmly and professionally exceeding their expectations."

Vanessa Jones - The PA Solution

"I needed a good Photographer that understood what I needed to represent myself and what I do, and one who shared my vision for my growing business. Becky completely understood my requirements and knew exactly what was needed and how I needed to come across. The shots were taken in beautiful surroundings, and she made me feel completely at ease.

Needless to say, I will now be commissioning Becky for family photos too! If you need professional photography that delivers quickly, Becky comes highly recommended."

Dominic Jackson, New Thinking Coaching

"I needed to improve my image for the business because a picture tells 1000 words. Becky did that and more with her ability to get me energized about what I do and obviously her great ability to take fantastic photos.

She took time to listen and learn about me, the company and what it stood for. During the shoot Becky cleverly got me thinking about what I stood for and brought my passion, enthusiasm and personality out and I have had many compliments on my new photos.

I will use Becky again and again without question as she undoubtedly knows how to get the best out of someone and get them to stand out."